550 Years - From a Local Inn to Hotel Angelo Engel

The 4-star Hotel Angelo Engel, run and guided for four generations by the family Demetz, glows with true South Tyrolean charm.

"Unter Ur", is the original name of the old inn back in 1547 run by Jakob von Ur. In 1779 the angel appears in the shield of the inn. The German expression “Unter Ur” means “under the clock” and was, in the Tyrolean areas, used to indicate a location south of the church.

Still the older local people use the denomination Bechè, common since 1800 when a butcher used to own the Angelo. Authorities, soldiers and tradesmen where the guests those days. The first tourists came in the second half of 1900.
1913 Martin Demetz Senior takes over the Angelo, together with his wife Maria.

The first world war put an end to the touristic evolution. After the war, with South Tyrol annected to Italy, Italian guests discover the Dolomites. A second war dampens this development again. Martin Junior and his brothers are called to arms, fighting in Russia, Italy and Africa.
After war and imprisonment, Martin Junior took over in 1950 bringing in a new standard. 1990 the Hotel went to his son Oswald that rebuilt it in 2004. 2013 is the jubilee of 100 years Demetz Family at the Angelo.