Flowery Dolomites

29.05. - 26.07.2020

Experience the flowering in the Dolomites! The Dolomites have a very special magic in every season, after all they are not called the most beautiful mountains in the world for nothing.

From end of May to mid-July, a multitude of mountain flowers bloom on the mountain meadows. The wonderful Alpine flora becomes a unique photo subject.

When the buds slowly open and the various flowers blossom on the alpine meadows, not only the bees are attracted by their unique scent: we also embark on a hike through the colourful meadows of the Dolomites and enjoy the revival of nature in an impressive mountain landscape.

With years of experience our friendly, cheerful guide Georg shows you not only the the unique mountain flowers but also the most beautiful hikes and spectacular views of the Dolomites. Green pastures, crystal clear lakes, the pale peaks of the Dolomites, and above all the blue summer skies of Val Gardena. You can explore the Dolomites with him or he will advise you where to go.

In collaboration with the Tourist Office you can experience the wonderful flora of Val Gardena with the herbal and flower expert Karin Planker and get to know some fascinating stories hidden between the petals, berries or claws of the mountain flowers. (Against payment)