Sauna & Steam Bath

Sauna Landscape with a High Level of Comfort

Dive into a world of relaxation and absolute recovery. As a highlight to your active day in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, we invite you to enjoy our pleasant Sauna Landscape.

Tyrolean style Sauna

Enjoy a time out in our  Tyrolean Stubensauna, inspired by traditional alpine farmehouse livingrooms. Pleasant, dry heat of around 85o Celsius stimulate the blood circulation and help you strengthen your immune defence system.

Outdoor Sauna Hut

The outdoor sauna is a very unique experience. It is located in a wooden hut and  reached directly from the outdoor pool by following a heated stone path leading to it. This Finnish sauna is heated up to 80o Celsius and offers a warm and cozy shelter to its visitors.

Herbal & Aromatic Sauna (Ladies only)

The cozy herbal sauna is reserved for ladies only. At slightly milder temperatures than at the Tyrolean sauna, here you will find pleasant smells and herbal infusions. Feel the effect of the alpine herbs on your skin in intimate atmosphere.

Mountain pine Steam Bath

Indulge your senses in the pleasant warmth of our mountain pine steam bath. Listen to the sounds of smoothing music and feel the scent of the Alpine forest in your nose. Your body regenerates and you recharge your batteries.

In Our Relaxation Room...

Refuel, rejuvenate! You can completely shut out the world with mellow bell music and pleasant, soft light. Feel inner peace and security. Fall onto a relaxing lounge chair and watch the aquarium with coral reef. Relaxing at Hotel Angelo Engel, the taste of pure holiday enjoyment.