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„Made in Germany“ Babor is a pioneer of professional beauty care and has been se�ng standards in skin care research since 1956.Their precision formulas are based on innova�ve ac�ve ingredients to ensure extraordinary results. Babor Tech SkinFirmor RF device Smooth out wrinkles with heat Radiofrequency warms up the deep layers of the skin by oscilla�ng the molecules and s�mulates the skins regenera�on through the forma�on of collagen and elas�n as well as supplying it with nutrients and oxygen. This visibly smooths wrinkles. One wrinkle | 10,00€ Mouth | 25,00€ Eyes | 35,00€ Mouth & Eyes | 55,00€ Price in combina�on with a facial treatment Face treatments ANGELO CLASSIC Personalized skin care Simple and effec�ve! This facial treatment gives new radiance to the skin. Trough the Babor classic line. Its Babor EpigenTech Power-Peptid , keeps the cells young and ac�ve. 60 min | 105,00€ FACE HYDRATION Meet the skincare superheroes A�er a short cleansing, the highly concentrated serum, contained in Babor humidity ampoules, will ac�vate your skin’s moisture storage and help it stay so� and fresh. 30 min | 73,00€ ANGEL LIFTING Reduces and smoothens wrinkles Visibly fights the signs of aging. With the products of Babor HSR Lifting Line , the facial contours are reshaped and the skin becomes firmer and more elas�c. 60 min | 125,00€ ANGEL LIFTING DELUXE Smooth wrinkles in three steps The treatment with Babor SkinFirmor technology and HSR li�ing linemakes your skin firmer and more elas�c. In addi�on, youwill receive an ampoule treatment for home use. 100 min | 209,00€ ANGELO ANTI-AGE Prevents wrinkles and stains This facial treatment with the new Babor formulabasedon theessence of roses, applied with quartz stones, prevents new wrinkles and the forma�on of stains. 70 min | 140,00€ ANGEL’S EYES Perfec�on without dark circles This specific treatment for the sensi�ve zone around your eyes repairs the signs of aging with its intense ac�on on dark circles and bags under the eyes, giving you a fresh & youthful look. 30 min | 55,00€ In comb. with facial treat. 20min | 35,00€ Made in Germany ... with high quality products of Babor English All facial treatments can be combined with a skin analysis so that the most suitable treatment can be selected for your in order to op�mally treat your skin . Analysis | 25€