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Babor Men Selected treatments for HIM ! Facial Men Power Cleansing, clarifying and boosting energy will be the forefront of this customized facial treatment for male skin. It provides vitality and energy, soothes the shaving irritation and moisturizes the skin deeply. 60 min | 94,00€ 40 min | 74,00 € Dolomiti back massage Relaxing back massage with vitalizing mud pack. Calms the muscles and soothes deep tensions. 40 min | 65,00€ Hands & Feet Manicure 40 min | 52,00€ Hands quick to go 20 min | 29,00€ Sports pedicure 40 min | 57,00€ Toes quick to go 20 min | 29,00€ Lady Silhouette ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE For healthy and smooth legs Massage with traditional cups. The pressure created by the cups is particularly effective in treating cellulite by removing static fluids and reactivating blood circulation. 40 min | 67,00€ Compression Wrap Therapy against Cellulite This effective treatment reduces fat deposits, smoothes the surface relief of the skin and visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. Best success is achievedwith three treatmentsperweek. 1x Wrap Treatment: 45 min | 55,00€ Package 3x Wraps: 165,00€ 132,00 € LYMPHATICDRAINAGEMASSAGE Tissue purification and dewatering Very delicate massage with gentle movements aimed at stimulating the drainage of fluid from the lymphatic tissues, reducing swelling and helping the body detoxify. Full body 55 min | 83,00€ Partial 35 min | 57,00€ DETOX BODY PACK Volcanic mud is rich in minerals and natural oils that stimulate the blood circulation. This mud-pack effectively helps eliminate cellulite, making your skin soft and smooth. 30 min | 54,00€ DETOX BODY PEELING The Detox Body Peeling uses micro particles from volcanic mineral sludge to fight cellulite, remove dead cells and make the skin soft. 25 min | 48,00€ Selected treatments for HER ! LADYSILHOUETTE Packaged deal 1 x Detox Body Peeling 1 x Detox Mud-Pack 1 x Anti-Cellulite Massage 90 min | 135,00 € (discounted by -20%)