In South Tyrol you enjoy the combination of Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine.

For the composition of our menus, we mainly use natural, local foods with particular attention to meat and diary products. Here fore we exclusively use products from cattle farmed here in South Tyrol. We try to offer a varied and well balanced choice of dishes; amongst them fish, vegetable and cold dishes, all prepared with ingredients of high quality and low fats. Special dishes related to celiac disease and other diets are available on request. As children have their one tastes, every day you will find a special dish for them.Next to the daily choice of menus we propose different specials of the day such as the spare ribs, marinated and served with a special sauce, a buffet of local cheese from goats and cows farmed on the nearby mountain meadows, a buffet of different “Strudel”, the South Tyrolean and Austrian sweet per excellence, a typical Tyrolean buffet and a mediterranean Dinner.